Greenwich Awnings for Rocco Princi in Wardour Street, London

Rocco Princi

The RAGS® branding to these three Greenwich awnings at Princi on London's Wardour Street is truly something quite special. The black awning fabric has been strikingly decorated with what look like streaks of white paint randomly applied in a series of frenzied slashes. In fact the graphic faithfully replicates precisely the Princi exciting branding and is supported by the famous logo located subtly in the corner of each awning cover. The appearance of the Greenwich awning front profile has also been radically altered by the way we have wrapped the awning fabric around to further enhance the surreal impression that the awning is somehow unsupported and simply floating above the pavement. This is not of course the case and the stability of the awnings are strictly maintained by the robust, yet decorative, steel side arms.

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