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SQ2 Folding Arm Awnings for Popinjays

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SQ2 Folding Arm Awnings for Popinjays
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SQ2 Folding Arm Awnings for Popinjays

These nineteen bespoke Morco SQ2 retractable facia awnings have been installed at the Popinjay Club on the rooftop of the prestigious Murray Hotel in Hong Kong. The SQ2 Retractable awnings differ from our standard specification in one especial element, which is that of the front Profile.

This profile was re-designed so that it would sit comfortably within the  facia and blend seamlessly with the overall appearance of the building. One more example of how the Design Team at Morco, working closely with clients and architects, can satisfy the most demanding specifications in order to meet the highest of customer expectations.

Popinjays is a contemporary lifestyle rooftop bar and restaurant offering European gastronomy. Reflecting Hong Kong’s vibrant, cosmopolitan style, the lifestyle destination is designed to attract the city’s flamboyant, fashionable crowd and leaders in style. Popinjays, a term once assigned to parrots, takes its name from the resident cockatoos along neighbouring Garden Road, Hong Kong Park and Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

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