Signature awning recover at St Charles

Signature awning renovated at St Charles, Mayfair

11 Oct 2016

The Signature awning at St Charles was beginning to look tired and we were asked to recover the awning in a striking blue and white striped design with graphics text picked out in a contrasting pink colour.

Morco are able to refurbish/renovate most awnings, not just those supplied by us; one of our surveyors will be able to visit and advise you on the feasibility of such a renovation.

St. Charles Brioni sell a collection of clothes for men including smart, casual and evening wear as well a range of accessories including ties, belts, gloves and cufflinks. They are located at 42-43 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London.

Curzon St is thought to be named after George Howe, 3rd Viscount Howe; however, it was not until after his death that the title of Earl Howe was taken by someone with the last name Curzon. Before this time, it was called Mayfair Row.

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