Harrods Depository roof terrace awning framework

Roof Terrace Awning for The Harrods Furniture Depository

20 Nov 2013

Terrace awnings come in all shapes and sizes. The roof space at Harrods Depository is an irregular area consisting of several different levels with varying areas and obstructions. Having had a long term successful relationship with Morco Blinds it was natural that Harrods came to Morco to design and construct a flexible staff space on the roof.

The Signature Parisian Terrace Awning was chosen to cover the roof space as it utilses a flexible modular construction technique that allows it to be taylored the demanding layout of the project. Crafted entirely in their London workshops this is the most durable Terrace Awning that's suitable for use in the worst of weathers. Manufactured with a substantial steel framework, the roof utilises a flexible lace on system for a taut rainproof cover that can be removed if necessary.The finished result now allows staff a chance to enjoy the outside space and amazing views across London whatever the weather.

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