Marlesbury awnings at Graff

Marlesbury awnings sparkle at Graff

11 Sep 2017

The  Marlesbury Awnings®, as installed here at Graff Diamonds in New Bond Street, London, are a modern commercial awning design based on a traditional edict. The awning has an  elegant, yet simple,  aspect incorporating  smart  metalwork profiles which accentuate the fine  lines of the design. The awning can be chosen from  two options, these being recess fitted or surface mounted. In either case, installation is possible in  fixed or retractable formats. The awning can be installed into a recess or into a custom made box. There is also the option of installing the awning with exposed roller if a more brutal look is required. The Marlesbury® awning is remarkably robust as is demonstrated by the fact that these awnings installed on Graff have recently been recovered by us in a stunning Graff blue though the awnings themselves are still as good as new. 

Graff has over 50 stores around the world including New York, Monte Carlo, Courchevel, Kiev, Beijing and Taipei; Graff Diamonds is a British multinational jeweller based in London. Graff operations comprise the design, manufacture and retail distribution of jewellery and watches. Graff adheres to the Kimberly process, never knowingly buying or trading rough diamonds from areas where this would encourage conflict or human suffering. The majority of Graff diamonds are laser engraved with unique Gemmological Institute of America tracking numbers, which whilst invisible to the naked eye, allow for their origin to be traced.

New Bond Street is one of the most expensive and sought after line of real estate in Europe. It was built on fields surrounding Clarendon House on Piccadilly, which were developed by Sir Thomas Bond from which it gains its name. It was built up in the 1720s, and by the end of the 18th century was a popular place for the upper-class residents of Mayfair to socialise. Prestigious and expensive shops were established along the street which is home to some of the most prestigious names in retailing

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