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Marlesbury awnings featured in London

3 Oct 2017

The  Marlesbury Awning® is featured here installed at a number of prestigious London locations including De Grisigono, Tony Burch, Ralph Lauren and Cromford Leather.  The traditional nature of the awning is supported by the fact that many parts have been replaced with modern materials meaning that an exceptionally robust awning is created with a vintage ambience. The Ralph Lauren awning style is particularly interesting as it features bespoke arms made especially for this site. It should also be noted that the special version of the awning on the Claridges site features components which replicate those found on an ancient awning which was revealed when renovating a Grade 1 listed building close by.

The awning has an elegant, yet simple, aspect incorporating smart metalwork profiles which accentuate the fine lines of the design. The awning can be chosen with two options, these being recess fitted or surface mounted. In either case, installation is possible in fixed or retractable formats. The awning can be installed into a recess or into a custom made box. There is also the option of installing the awning with exposed roller if a more Spartan look is required.

Bespoke elements can be introduced into the appearance of the awning which includes special arm designs which can be powder coated in a vast number of shades which is limited by the size of your RAL chart. Fabric covers can be selected from a 236 shade range and graphics are possible in your own special logo style – for those really special sites we will raid the bullion chest and decorate the awning in 24 carat gold leaf!

Should you not be sure how the Marlesbury awning will look on you establishment please speak with our design department who will create a realistic rendering of your building with the Marlesbury awning in place. Naturally there is a modest cost for this service but there is no substitute for accuracy. Call us today or use the contact form to find out more about the fabulous Morco, Marlesbury awning.

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