Harrods bespoke with gold leaf

Latest special designs for some of our key clients

8 Jan 2018

An area of great strength within Morco is our design and graphics expertise which extends from the initial advice and design stage for the awning through graphic proposals for the awning covers right up to the application of the approved design on to the awning fabric.

Here are some examples of the successful use of our graphics processes. The first is on the famous Harrods location in Knightsbridge where the distinctive logo has been applied using traditional methods with the use of real Gold Leaf. The other projects, with more complex designs,  have been produced using the unique Morco RAGS System of graphics application.

The RAGS system involves a multitude of complex technical and design processes which vary with  the complexity of the design itself;  these process are computerised at every stage to ensure faithful reproduction of the design.  The result is that the graphic itself is not merely applied on to the awning fabric but bonds itself into the very weave itself which gives it perfectly sharp reproduction with no raised edges which might otherwise collect dust and other pollutants,  

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