Matthew Cambery Greenwich awning

Greenwich awnings at Matthew Cambery

25 Apr 2017

This stunning Greenwich awning in dark orange with Gold Leaf graphics and a black border presents a sophisticated aspect to the very exclusive South Kensington Jeweller and purveyor of objets d'art, Matthew Cambery. The Greenwich awning combines a traditional look with all the benefits of modern design and maintenance free construction. From the powder coated aluminium framework to the UV and soil resistant awning fabric this awning is designed to last for many years, providing shade and signage in the most prestigious of locations.

As well as bespoke jewellery, Matthew Cambery creates a large variety of objects – clocks, automotive gift boxes and large, detailed wooden chests. Some pieces contain over a kilo of gold and can take up to 4,000 hours to create. Two recent jewellery collections to come from Matthew Cambery include the ‘Egerton Gardens’ range, inspired by the gardens nearby the new boutique store. It includes stunning diamond flowers which move when you wear the them, and a new ring called ‘Springtime’.

The area of South Kensington was largely undeveloped until the mid-19th century, being an agricultural area supplying London with fruit and vegetables. Following the 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, an 87-acre area around what is now Exhibition Road was purchased by the commissioners of the exhibition, in order to create a home for institutions dedicated to the arts and sciences, resulting in the foundation of the museums and university here. 

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