The Alchemist Leeds

Greenwich awnings for The Alchemist, Leeds

10 Nov 2016

The Alchemist is an elegant and unusual cocktail bar and restaurant in Leeds that celebrates molecular mixology, alchemy and craftsmanship. Drinks are served in all sorts of vessels with theatre and panache. Food is served morning, noon and night. Changing colours, dry ice, hot and cold sensations and elements of nostalgia can all be found within the four walls of the menu.

A particularly unusual design was chosen for their the Signature Greenwich Awning® canopy with special unconventional swirling graphics evocative of the mysterious nature of the alchemy theme. The abstract graphics of the fabric design contrast fabulously with the Greenwich Awning® which is an elegant canopy with classic clean lines suited to high end boutiques, hotels and historical buildings.

Alchemy is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Egypt and Asia. The aim is to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects which were originally thought to be elements. Common aims were chrysopoeia, the transmutation of "base metals" (e.g., lead) into "noble" ones (gold being the obvious one); the creation of an elixir of immortality (that hasn't worked yet!.  the creation of a philosopher's stone was variously connected with all of these projects. All sounds very Harry Potterish but fits in well with the mysterious ambience of this great cocktail bar.

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