Tamburlaine Greenwich 01

Awnings in bloom at the Tamburlaine

8 Sep 2017

At Morco we are uniquely placed to provide clients with complex graphics to their awnings which are unavailable from other commercial awning suppliers. With our Exclusive "RAGS" graphics technology, involved designs, such as these shown on the latest installation at the Tamburlaine Hotel in Cambridge, are possible.  A combination of fixed Greenwich awnings and electrically controlled SQ2 recessed folding arm awnings combine to create a striking and stylish welcoming aspect to the hotel facade.  No longer need your awnings be seen as simple canvases on which to paint simple text; you can, with the input of our designers, let your imagination flow and we will even prepare sample layouts for you to approve at modest cost.

The Tamburlaine boutique hotel is a member of the  O'Callaghan group and, with a name synonymous with a fictional 16th Century Persian Emperor, their style does not disappoint. The stunning lobby in which you make your entrance has a dramatic  double height ceiling, a vast  spiral staircase and spectacular chandeliers. Guest rooms and suites are capacious, elegant and comfortable, with hand crafted beds, crisply furnished and with  luxurious complimentary toiletries. Elegant bars and restaurants attended by skilled and attentive staff add to the pleasure of your stay at the Tamburlaine. 

Station Road, Cambridge, has the station and a war memorial at the two ends of the road which are Grade II listed.The view along Station Road has a leafy appearance. There are a number of Victorian houses on the north side of the road. These have lost their gardens and been converted for commercial use. The south side of the road is main large modern buildings. For example, Jupiter House was built in 1974 and was reclad in the 1980s. Daedalus House is also located on the south side.

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