Expert awning design and consultation to achieve a great end product

The process for nearly all our major awning development follow a similar path which offer clients a number of additional options on request.

Enquiry / Initial Consultation

Your initial enquiry will be followed by a phone call from one of our experience team of consultants. During this conversation we will ask key questions to get a full understanding of the scope of your project, as well as establishing any further important information that may influence the end awning solution.

Site Consultation

For more complex or large-scale projects, one of our senior consultants will go to the site itself. They will meet up with either the design team, architects, contractors or proprietors to discuss the project in greater detail. Our consultant will also spend time doing an informal assessment of the project in practical terms making note of any potential complexities. For more straighforward projects a site consultation may not be required, but we will provide this service on request.


Once we have sufficient information about the project, we are able to provide a detailed technical quotation. Your quote will breakdown the cost and also provide a clear idea of timescale for the project from manufacture to installation. For costing more complex projects, we may carry out a structural survey to ensure our costing is as accurate and thorough as possible.


On acceptance of our quotation, we enter into the design phase of the project. With regard to this, we can work with architects, design teams, contractors or independently to produce an awning solution. We are always on hand to offer clients advice and ideas. With our cutting edge RAGS and RAPS fabric print technology, we are able to push the design boundaries. We also able to provide clients with sophisticated 3D modelling on request as well as samples of the materials.

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