RIB Wedge Canopy® for Le Deux Salons

RIB® Wedge Canopy for Le Deux Salons

RIB Wedge Canopy® for Le Deux Salons
RIB Wedge Canopy® for Le Deux Salon
RIB Wedge Canopy®
Classic RIB Wedge Canopy® for Caffe Caldesi restaurant
RIB Wedge Canopy®
RIB Wedge Canopy®
RIB Wedge Canopy®
RIB® Wedge Canopy for Lough Erne Resort in Ireland
RIB® Wedge Canopy®
RIB Wedge Canopy® for Pizza Express
RIB Wedge Canopy® for Boisdale
RIB Wedge Canopy® for Maroush Restaurant
RIB Wedge Canopy® for Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
RIB® Wedge Canopy for The Goat in Boots

RIB® Wedge

A popular choice with designers and architects The RIB Wedge® creates a sharp, minimalist look. It is a non-retracting canopy, built with a strong anodised aluminium frame that gives it great versatility. We can extend our wedges around multiple elevations, apply them to almost any type of fascia and curve the aluminium to create distinctive individual canopies.


common uses:

Shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs & bars.


Prices subject to size and specification.


Anodised aluminium framework which can be powder-coated any colour, fabric cover in acrylic canvas or PVC polyester (with valance if required).


Excellent all weather protection, suitable for side-curtains, good branding potential, multiple elevation coverage without break.



strength guide:

Able to withstand all usual UK weather.


Apex sections over entrances & multiple elevation.


Signature Panel Canopy, Classic Drop-Arm, Classic Dutch.

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